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Party Commerce platform screenshot for Pamered Chef.

Party-Commerce Platform


Build Out a Massive Party Commerce Infrastructure with Video


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  • Http Out
  • Database Connections
Interplay Party Platform Module


Pampered Chef thrives on house parties, where creators can host their own cooking parties, recipes, and featured Pampered Chef kitchen products. When the pandemic hit, house parties went to zero pretty quickly. At first, Pampered Chef tried to duplicate the party with facebook groups and video, but that didn’t scale, the hosts had to jump through many hoops, or videos were cancelled arbitrarily from being flagged as spam. On top of all that, Pampered had almost no visibility into the metrics around participation or audience reach, nor any smooth path from the video party to ecommerce sales.

The solution was to bring the entire video hosting and broadcast platform to the Pampered Chef website natively. On paper, this looked to be a huge undertaking. Enter Interplay: with the ability to wrap connectors around exposed APIs from the video platform, in-house systems, and a scalable cloud-based data architecture, we were able to deploy an entire solution in a matter of weeks.

This solution involved the following;

  1. Integrate Humhub, and open source framework for social platforms, with the API wrapper connections to allow drag-and-drop connectivity in Interplay
  2. Connect up with a party scheduling platform
  3. Integrate these with Pampered Chef’s existing database of thousands of cooks, creators, and chefs
  4. Push the entire thing out to Pampered Chef’s production website with an easy-to-enroll, easy-to-broadcast party hosting system
  5. Capture all metrics and consumer information for a seamless journey into the ecommerce and order management systems

With its own branded platform, Pampered Chef significantly increased consultant and guest engagement. The easy access of assets for consultants to prepare parties gives more control to key stakeholders in Pampered Chef’s business.

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