Introducing Version 6: Tiger

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Chest xray image showing successful AI driven classification via Interplay.

X-Ray Classification


Deploy AI to provide a digital second-opinion for reading chest X-Rays.


  • Custom Models
  • Image Inference
  • Dropbox to store and retrieve images
Interplay Xray Module


HP is very adept at processing and storing huge amounts of data. For healthcare, this includes photographic data and signal data from medical scans. They needed a way to move beyond simple storage of digital imagery, however. What if AI could assist in providing image analysis?

Leveraging its AI models, Interplay was able to analyze these scans using transfer learning and predict potential health problems for the patients. Since this process can be automated and produce more accurate results, this is a powerful tool for doctors to diagnose patients:

Once trained with a data set to identify anomalies (such as “pneumonia”), the AI was able to comb through thousands and thousands of stored XRay images, giving HP an additional data point as they continue to seek optimizations in the healthcare field.

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